pro4 Bluetooth Earphones Mini Sports Headset


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Pro4 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Headphone for Android iPhone Smart Phone
Wide Compatibility:
⭐For Android
⭐For iPhone
⭐For computer/laptop
⭐For devices which supports bluetooth function

【Product】: Pro4
⭐【Color】: White
⭐【Specification】: Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
⭐【Wear】: Use in-ear
⭐【Working time】: 3~4hours
⭐【Applicable models】: Bluetooth device / cellphone

▷▶ Automatic pairing.
▷▶ High sound quality, super high enjoyment

[Product List]:
2* Bluetooth Earphone(left and right)
1* Charger box
1* Lightning charger cable
1* Instruction manual

Good sound quality, just for you

Large vibration ring, graphene diaphragm, strong bass and clear treble, allowing you to always enjoy high-quality music

Perfect tone

Hundreds of professional tuner create the best sound quality for you

Powerful touch function

Tap to switch songs, connect and hang up, call voice assistant

Super battery life

A single earphone can listen to music continuously for 3-4 hours, the battery compartment can be charged 8 times, and it can be powered continuously 24 hours a day

Bluetooth 5.0

Lower power consumption, more stable connection, no disconnection

Ergonomic design

Smaller size, lighter weight, perfectly fits human ears, no pain after long-term wear

Single and double switch

Two earphones can be connected to the device separately without affecting each other

Fast transmission

Whether it is listening to songs, games, or work, there will be no delays

Perfectly compatible

Compatible with almost all smart phones on the market, Android & IOS



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