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TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones 2200mAh Charging Box Wireless Headphone 9D Stereo Sports Waterproof Earbuds Headset With Microphone

The shopkeeper recommends a new generation of F9-8 Bluetooth headset. You don’t need to ask if the XXX phone is available. Regardless of the brand and model, it can be used on any mobile phone that supports Bluetoothunction. Extreme version powerful upgrade
1. Upgraded LED power display: intuitively understand the power level o the charging compartment and earphones are clear at a glance
2. F9-8 chip upgrade: upgrade the 5.0 Bluetooth chip, pick up and automatically start and match.
3. Operation function upgrade: switch the previous/next song with one key and wake up the assistant by volume adjustment
4. Large-capacity charging compartment: can be used in the earphone storage box to charge the earphone/mobile phone as a mobile phone holder
5. Enjoy 9D heavy bass: Enjoy the HIFI scene and eliminate the immersive 9D stereo surround sound effect. 6. CVC80 intelligent noise reduction: Enjoy the high-definition call effect without being affected by the noisy environment.
7. Strong compatibility: Regardless of the brand mobile phone and model, devices that support Bluetooth can use this headset



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